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kgw posted Nov 15 '22 at 4:49 pm

Is anyone else seeing this? New licensed installation of Mercury installed on Windows Serer 2016, Mercury/32 version: Mercury/32, v4.91.349, 23 Sep 2022

I have set the service set to restart, which it does, but users report disconnections. No other Windows services are reporting this problem.

Any ideas what to do about it?

Log Name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Date: 11/15/2022 8:02:56 AM
Event ID: 7031
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: -----------------------
The Mercury32 service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 294 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.

recent by kgw  ·  Nov 16 '22 at 6:48 pm
kgw posted Nov 8 '22 at 5:03 pm

I installed the 4.91 upgrade and it looks good. Created a self-signed certificate and that now works.

Everything on the mail server is working properly except it won't accept incoming smtp connections from gmail. It looks like an SSL issue, so I created a certificate request (which also works now, thank you) and purchased a certificate. The Mercury documentation does not quite line up with the certificate provided, and I am having trouble following the instructions. I think some sort of conversion or modification of the certificate may be required in some cases. Also, it is not clear if the old self-signed certificate can remain in place or needs to be revoked or deleted or what.

Could we get some clarity on exactly what the purchased certificate needs to look like, what type, where it should be installed, and any other special instruction?

I hate doing anything with certificates, they always seem to be trouble.

recent by kgw  ·  Nov 9 '22 at 5:23 pm
timbr posted Oct 22 '22 at 11:11 pm

Hello everybody,

probably a fringe use case, but I'm trying to set up Mercury for my personal local (on the same machine only) IMAP use. It is not supposed to retrieve or send any mail from or to or in any other way talk to the outside world at all.

The absolutely only task is to provide an IMAP server that can be accessed by an email client on the same machine to move messages to the IMAP folders for archival purposes.
ATM this only includes email from an external Exchange account. I might include other accounts in the future, but that is not a subject for now.

I installed the MercuryI, W and X modules. No idea whether W and X are of any use in my case, but those were the only additional 2 modules I could not rule out immediately.
Since I don't own a domain or any static (or DYNDNS) IP address, I tried to set the domain in the initial configuration to (for lack of a better idea), but now I'm at a loss and don't know how to proceed any further.
I could not find any instructions regarding my use case in the manual or in the FAQ of this forum.

I'm using the Windows 10 stock mail application. I don't want to change that, for the app's seamless Exchange integration. Unfortunately, I also don't know how to configure an email client to use an IMAP server running on the same machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


recent by Joerg  ·  Nov 3 '22 at 9:10 am
kgw posted Sep 20 '22 at 7:31 pm

I keep looking for it and the docs indicate it exists, but it isn't where the docs say it is.

I have also been unable to find the downloads for Mercury add-ons for this feature.

How do users get Mercury to autorespond with a scheduled "out of office"? All users have Microsoft Outlook.

recent by kgw  ·  Oct 7 '22 at 9:25 pm
kgw posted Aug 29 '22 at 12:58 am

Sorry if this topic has already been covered. I can't see any 'search' feature on the forum, so I might have missed it.

I'm wondering if anyone has any information regarding setting up Mercury for cellphones. I have a licensed copy, installed and working with Outlook clients on the LAN, but I don't seem to be able to get reliable (relatively secure) email send/receive with iPhone and Android cellphones.

I have a self-signed certificate installed and I think I have the correct ports open on the firewall. I prefer IMAP but if necessary then POP is an option.

Anyone know what the settings in Mercury should be and what firewall ports need to be open/forwarded?

Thanks in advance for any hints and advice.

recent by kgw  ·  Oct 7 '22 at 9:19 pm
cncjerry posted Aug 24 '22 at 5:47 pm

Hi, long time user and love the mercury email server.

I've seen a lot of ehlo [] logins recently and had entered this into the transflt.mer file on the compliance screen:

H, "[]", DSX, "local"

but it now matches every incoming message. So I tried this:

H, "ehlo []", DSX, "local"

and that matched none. So I downloaded the 4.9 release and that diddn't matter.

I have relaying turned off, etc. I guess I'm going to look for the doc on the new release but wondering in the meantime what could be the problem(s) with the match above.



recent by cncjerry  ·  Aug 24 '22 at 10:27 pm

Hi Guys,

Wondered if someone could guide me please.

I have Mercury set to forward one email address here to a gmail account. Until I enabled SSL in Mercury E, everything was working fine. Now I'm getting this:

The attached message has failed delivery and has been referred
to you as postmaster. The following error report or reports
were given to explain the problem:

*** [redacted]
550-5.7.25 [redacted] The IP address sending this message does not have a PTR

It this something I have to do in Mercury, or is it a DNS setting with the provider through which I have my main domain?


I found one other post mentioning this but no solution. It seems the fix is still in the works. Does anyone know of a workaround?

The issue occurs when creating a self signed certificate. While on the dialog box to create the certificate clicking create fails with "The system cannot find the file specified".

Screenshot attached.


recent by kgw  ·  Aug 20 '22 at 1:58 am
Dneedhelp posted Aug 10 '22 at 5:13 pm

Issue: Mail won’t send
Issue with: Mercury/32 - (used through XAMPP)
OS: Win10

Normal behaviour: Connect to Mercury - send mail - Change sender name - add recipient name - add subject - add body - mail sends and is received into test inbox - all points check out.

Issue context: Mercury/32 won’t let me send mail. Not even test mail. I have seen many tips to do it with Thunderbird bird and localhost but, before I was able to send it without any configuration. I just had to put a mail address, subject and body. Now nothing at all sends out. Whether or not I use apache and or proxy?

What can I do to get it to work and send mail. First as localhost , then as another email other than localhost.

I am using vpn. I was using vpn when it was working the first round and I have test mails which have gone through from that time.

Tries: I tried turning off vpn - I tried turning on Apache - I tried turning on Tomcat - I installed a separate Mercury/32 outside of XAMPP still issue arises. Now I can not even amend local users.

I need help. Like step by step. I have tried all I can at my basic level.

cgodby posted Jun 28 '22 at 7:03 am


Microsoft will be turning off Basic Auth in the coming months on their online Exchange servers:

I tend to use Mercury32 to retrieve emails (using MercuryD) from an online Exchange server and deliver them to local email accounts (client PC can't connect direct to the online Exchange server).

I can't seem to find a way to switch the authentication MercuryD uses away from Basic Auth to Modern Auth, which means come October 2022 Mercery32 will no longer work with online Exchange servers.

I've tried to search forum but can't find any reference to this.
Granted I'm using v4.8, but is anyone aware of this issue and know how to use MercuryD using Modern Auth??


recent by Sellerie  ·  Jul 19 '22 at 9:26 am

As we need to relay e-mails from a private network to gmail, we tried Mercury to replace an old free mail server we were using until now.

Everything was working good, until I closed and re-opened Mercury, authentification with gmail smtp server failed after that.
I identified the problem as Mercury unable to read the hash sign (#) correctly from mercury.ini.
We have such a sign in our gmail password (and can't easily change it as we have several sites already using it), and even if SMTP_Password has the right value when closing Mercury, when re-opening it the value is only read until this #.

Is there a known workaround? I tried escaping it (\#,##) but it is not working.
We'd really like to buy the license so that we can start it as a service, but right now we need to retype the password in the configuration screen each time after starting it.

Thanks in advance.

recent by paumier  ·  May 30 '22 at 5:07 am

I cant find the way to change (enlarge) the fonts used in the To: Subject: & cc: windows when creating new mails or replies. Its easy to change the fonts in the message window, but this doesnt do anything for the other windows and for some reason unknown they have recently gotten much smaller than i recall them bieng before. Using Pmail 4.7 in Windows 7.

Is there a specific file where all these data are stored?


TerryRodgers posted May 5 '22 at 2:43 pm

I have an old listserver that uses Mercury Mail. When I say old I mean prior to 2011 and running on Windows 2003 Server. I will be upgrading this to a newer version of listserver but in the meantime I need to gain back more disk space. My question is, can I safely delete .CNM files? There are several hundred thousand. They all appear to be log files of delivery failures.

rwagner posted Apr 25 '22 at 11:21 pm

I use Spamhalter for round ten years. And after the update to Mercury 4.8 it doesn't work no more. As always - I didn't change a thing. Any ideas?
It starts up and tells "Spamhalter is running" - but obviously it doesn't work.

recent by Joerg  ·  May 2 '22 at 8:25 am
TonyQuick posted Mar 2 '22 at 5:56 pm

I'm using Mercury/32, v4.90.298 with SMTP Client (end-to-end version).

In the past three days, I've seen six emails being sent to known valid addresses that fail with:
Permanent error 250 (no data or no address - name server conf) resolving ''

Checking the MX records for the domains finds all of the failures are pointing to something like

In each case, after the failure, checking the DNS records shows no DNS problems, and resending the message succeeds.

I searched logs back a few months. It happened twice in December. None in January. Four times in February. Three times yesterday, and once so far today. (Edit: twice today now.)

They are apparently transient errors, but the error message indicates permanent failure.

Anybody else seeing anything like this?

Any thoughts?


recent by TonyQuick  ·  Mar 9 '22 at 11:44 pm
GolanTrevize8 posted Jan 28 '22 at 9:00 pm


I used to run a licensed Mercury server for our company years ago but was forced to switch to MS Exchange by a new manager. I am now trying to setup my own Mercury server for personal use because I'm sick of my provider putting almost EVERYTHING in my junk folder. Unfortunately I have forgotten much of what I knew regarding the setup of Mercury.
I am at the point where I am able to receive mail for my domain but I can not get aliases working. My local user name is "dstevenson" and this is what I entered in c:\mercury\mercury\alias.mer:

(domain name changed for privacy) == dstevenson

I exited and restarted Mercury and sent test emails from a different address but they get rejected with user not known.

What could I have done wrong with my setup? Not sure where to look. What information should I post to get help?

recent by Duke  ·  Feb 14 '22 at 5:22 pm
Filippo72 posted Jan 22 '22 at 11:17 am

Hello again.
I just upgraded to 4.9, and I noticed something strange.
Let's say I have a mailbox on internet, called
M32 polls the mailbox via pop3, and deliver the mail to the local user called dummy.
User dummy has a forwarding file like this

Forward-To : userME06
Forward-To : userME07
Forward-To : userME08
Forward-To : userME09
Forward-To : userME10
Deliver-Also : N

which forwards the mail to the local users userME06 etc.

Before the upgrade, this was the output in the core windows, when mail was processed

Sat 22, 11:56:23: Job MG000001: from (non-local)
To: dummy (local) -OK
Sat 22, 11:56:39: Job MG000002: from (local)
To: userME06 (local) -OK
To: userME07 (local) -OK
To: userME08 (local) -OK
To: userME09 (local) -OK
To: userME10 (local) -OK

So, the first two lines mean that Core delivers the incoming mail to dummy, and the remaining lines mean that the mail was forwarded from dummy to the other users.

After the upgrade to v.4.9, this is the output

Sat 22, 11:56:23: Job MG000001: from (non-local)
To: dummy (local) -OK
Sat 22, 11:56:39: Job MG000002: from (local)
To: userME06 (local) -OK
To: userME07 (local) -OK
To: userME08 (local) -OK
To: userME09 (local) -OK
To: userME10 (local) -OK

Why "ErrorHandelr-etc..." instead of "dummy"?
The system seems to works flawlessly, but I'd like to know the meaning of "ErrorHandler"...

best regards

recent by Joerg  ·  Feb 11 '22 at 1:07 pm
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