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If you have suggestions or special wishes for Pegasus Mail here is where you make your voice heard.

mpoloukhine posted Jun 3 '23 at 8:19 pm

See discussion .

Any chance of seeing PMail updated for compatibility with Exchange mail services per below?

Per GoDaddy:
"Update your settings to keep your email app access working.

There are email accounts in your organization using Basic Authentication, which Microsoft will no longer support after 06/16/2023. You'll still be able to access your email through your browser, but not from an email app, such as Outlook or Apple Mail - don't worry, none of your emails will be lost.

In order to continue using your email apps, you need to update your settings from POP/IMAP to Exchange for each device you use to check your email. This also applies to other users who are set up within your account using POP/IMAP settings. Here's how to update your email settings."

recent by Michael  ·  Jun 5 '23 at 11:58 pm
Skip Horine posted Jun 1 '23 at 9:18 am

I saw somewhere that David was not going to upgrade Pegasus Mail to 64 bit. Most all new programs/apps are 64 bit. The way Pegasus handles folders that grow to a couple of gigabytes in a very awkward way - it just starts giving an error that the file size is too big without any solve. Then the user has to figure out how to fix the problem themselves which is basically rename the physical file and not use it anymore. I typically have this problem with spam folders. 64 bit would solve a lot of this problem as file sizes can be larger than 2gb or 4gb on an appropriate file system. Bring Pegasus into the modern world. I doubt we will have any problems with folder sizes when you can store an exabyte with GPT file system.

6 posted Apr 13 '23 at 8:36 am

When replying to a mail where the sender name is followed by the e-mail address in angle brackets, there is the following error message if the sender name contains special characters like "ü". Probably a coding problem, but it would be nice if this could be solved. It happens very often, unfortunately. Thanks!

Die Zustellung der folgenden Nachricht ist aus einem der
folgenden Gruende, den entweder das Zustellungssystem auf Ihrem
Relais-Server oder das lokale TCP/IP-Transportmodul berichtet hat,
nicht zustellbar:

504 5.5.2 <Hill-Th rup>: Recipient address rejected: need
fully-qualified address

recent by Michael  ·  Apr 17 '23 at 8:33 pm
craigc posted Jan 19 '23 at 5:14 am

I've noticed a very minor bug with respect to Grouped views (in 4.80): Ctrl+Shift+0 doesn't work for me to turn off Grouped views. It's the only Ctrl+Shift number that doesn't seem to work.

This is not a serious problem, because one can turn it off via the Folder tab --> Grouped view --> None. But I thought I'd pass it along for a fix in some future version, as I appreciate how hard you folks work to keep improving Pegasus!



It would be a nice feature when the mail preview and the loading of included content and pictures will be deactivated for mails which are in the spam folder even when global the preview is enabled.
But it should be possible to activate the preview manually for each spam mails if wanted.


I've been using Pegasus Mail exclusively since 2001 IIRC, and when after Win7 I abandoned Windows and switched to Linux, Pegasus Mail was among the 3 Windows programs I took with me, it's one of the essential can't-do-without programs I would do anything to keep using. Thank you David Harris!

Fortunately Pegasus Mail works just fine in Linux using Wine -- except the IERenderer part, which I have to kill if I want to be able to read any HTML mails.
If I don't remove it, all HTML emails (which are getting more and more common) are totally blank - no letters... After removing it I get an ugly-looking but entirely adequate, readable version.

Which brings me to the suggestion: Now I don't know a thing about programming, besides it seems this is an external library, but clearly IERenderer is (as far as I'm concerned) the only issue using Pegasus Mail with Wine. Can something be done about that? Pretty pretty please?...

Thanks again for that great piece of software!

recent by Michael  ·  Sep 7 '22 at 11:00 pm
PM-1 posted May 23 '22 at 5:45 am

I would like to have an overview of active addons (plugins) for Pmail in this forum.

Perhaps in form of a list of active addons with author, description, latest version and download reference to get it.
Or even with information not developed anymore but still working.
And the best would be if addons can be again hosted inside the forum.

At the moment there are several entries in the "Add-ons for Pegasus Mail" but most are obsolete, not working or have no download reference anymore.
My feeling was at least that nearly all addons are outdated, except IER. smile

recent by Michael  ·  Jul 28 '22 at 7:25 am

Each folder window has the same column bars: from, subject, date/time, size.
Also the assigned "Copy to Self" folder has these predefined columns, but when a sent mail is being copied into it, the "from" column contains entries like: "To: addressee". This might be accepted when working only with Pmail.

But when using different mail clients (e.g. Thunderbird) to access one mailbox, these other clients always enter the real sender address, means my own address, into this column. And that is correct behaviour since the column is named "From".

"Copy to self" folders should get a real column "To" instead of abused column "From".

recent by Joerg  ·  Apr 13 '22 at 7:31 am

I don't know if this is possible, especially with IMAP folders, but I have found myself opening numerous spam-tagged messages because they appear genuine based on the From and Subject columns. I do this to look at the actual From: email address. Being able to see that without opening the message would be nice, best if the feature could be applied per folder (I would only want it for new mail and spam folders).

recent by Michael  ·  Apr 10 '22 at 4:49 am

I receive many mails tagged by the sender as URGENT that really aren't urgent at all, like advertisements.

When Pegasus sees the urgent flag in the headers, it seems to do 2 things

1) It sets the message details in the Inbox listing to the colour RED.

2) It filters the message details to the TOP of the lnbox listing.

The only way to resolve these is to open the message, go to message properties and turn off the urgent checkbox. At which point I've read the mail which I didn't really want to do!

Part of the problem, granted, is the way I use my inbox ... it's more like a "main" and I sort things out of it manually about every week or so. I use Main as the destination for mail I don't have defined mailboxes for.

So the problem with this is that I end up with mail that's actually more urgent (without the flag) pushed down the Inbox list. A nuisance.

So, the request is ... can we please have a mechanism to use a less garish colour (bright red is excessive for boring ads!) for messages marked urgent. AND can we please have the option of stopping the Move to the top of the Inbox list. It's hard to miss coloured messages in the list anyway!

Thank you :-)

recent by sbrook  ·  Mar 30 '22 at 2:15 am
PM-1 posted Mar 16 '22 at 9:22 am


I work in maximized view and when I write a new mail or even open the system messages then I do not have at first the close/minimize/maximize buttons for the sub window.
I have to change back to the tab of the main view and then again to the new mail to see the close button.

Create new mail:

After changing the tab back to another window and back to new mail the "close/minimize/maximize" buttons are present:

recent by Michael  ·  Mar 19 '22 at 9:24 pm
PM-1 posted Mar 2 '22 at 5:47 am

The new interface really looks nice but I have a suggestion for the the toolbar.

I miss since longer time in the standard toolbars a button to directly open the IMAP-Profiles.
And I think I'm not the only one, as IMAP will be more often used and most user never create an individual for themself.

Perhaps it is possible to add this in one of the next versions of PMail as additional toolbar option.


Since our ISP (German IONOS / 1&1) has reduced the error tolerance for email addresses to almost zero, I receive a lot of daily postmaster notifications from Mercury about delivery failures, as IONOS no longer accepts the incorrectly addressed mails and only returns an error "554 - Transaction failed".

As an example, the following is very often entered into the To: field or automatically inserted:
Doe, John < > < >
john-paul doe < >

If you simply put the plain name in inverted commas, everything would go through cleanly. But users don't do that. Often it is also due to the incorrectly configured mail client of the communication partner.
What I'm getting at ... Other mail clients, such as Thunderbird, check and correct incorrect address entries automatically. Users who are connected to Mercury via Thunderbird almost never send any delivery failures to the postmaster. I wish Pegasus would also check and adjust incorrect address entries on its own.

Translated with (free version)


In Germany different laws are in place ruling the retention of emails since business related e-mails are to be handled and saved in the same ways like business letters/mail. And that means that they have to be retained for 6 years in general and for 10 years when financial/tax related.
And such mails should be saved in complete, including all embedded images and attachments.

I'm aware that Pmail is adding an additional text string at the footer of each "copy to self" mail containing the source of all attached files. But in case such a file source is not longer available after e.g. 5 years, the sent mail would be incomplete.

I would appreciate an additional option where "copy to self" mails can be saved with all embedded images and attached files.

recent by Michael  ·  Feb 14 '22 at 3:50 pm
wwsmith posted Dec 10 '21 at 7:27 pm

The saddest thing about Pegasus Mail is that I really can't use it anymore. Let me explain. I have been a Pegasus and Mercury user for more years than I would care to admit. Way before smartphones that could get email in any case. When the only way to get your email was on a computer, I used Pegasus as an email client and I was quite happy with it. Then later got Mercury and my own email domain and I put the mailboxes on a file server and used Pegasus from various PCs around my house. All very good.

Then came smartphones and eventually I had to have access to my email on my phone, so I accessed it with IMAP on the phone and the standard Pegasus interface on my computers. All was still good. Occasionally a folder got corrupted, but I knew how to recover from that.

It turned out that it was a "bug" in Mercury at the time that it allowed the mailboxes to be concurrently accessed from the standard Pegasus interface and IMAP clients concurrently. A certain release of Mercury fixed that "bug." I am putting the word "bug" in quotes because for me it was a feature, not a bug. In any event, I mostly stopped using Pegasus and started using Outlook because I used Outlook at work anyway, and it had decent IMAP support. In spite of the "bug" fix, folder corruption happened occasionally anyway, so I would use Pegasus as a tool to fix corruption, and sometimes to delete new mail items that did not actually get deleted through the IMAP interface. I was sad about not being able to use Pegasus which I preferred to Outlook, but such is life. Eventually Mercury would add support for concurrent IMAP and standard Pegasus access, if only I could hold on long enough. Or so I thought.

Well, it's been years and so far that hasn't happened. As I like to say, Hillary Clinton is not the only American with a mail server in her basement. Sometimes I even get a laugh from that. But the mail server crashes from time to time, sometimes when I am on vacation, and then I don't get mail for a while. My mail also has about a 20 minute delay coming in because of the forwarding service I use. Let me tell you: in this day and age a 20 minute delay can be a problem if you are waiting for a password reset link that expires after 15 minutes, or if you are on the phone with a tech support person that assume email is practically real time. But I diverge.

The bottom line is that I (and my spouse) have reluctantly started using Gmail for our more important emails, rather than my own domain. I've pretty much given up on ever being able to use Pegasus in native mode again. I don't fault David Harris in any way, though. If it wasn't for how much I like Pegasus, I wouldn't miss it. As they say, "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." And who knows? Maybe someday I'll be pleasantly surprised.


Often I create a new filter for an email (example Move to specific folder on my Folder list) in my the New Mail folder.

The problem is the new filter is only applied for future emails, not the one(s) in my box.

It would be nice to have an option for the "New Mail" folder "Reapply Filters." This would specially help if there are several emails that the filter applies to.

MageMaster posted Nov 18 '21 at 4:39 pm

The display screen for PMail Filters needs update.

1) At present the Scroll Bar does NOT work, this need fix.

2) Need a Search feature like Browsers have.
My filter list is very long and when I add/edit a filter, at present I have to use Up/Down and read entries to find where the filter is for edit, or where to add a new filter to a given domain that is already listed.

recent by Michael  ·  Nov 21 '21 at 6:03 pm
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