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Mike Main posted Feb 10 '23 at 2:07 pm

I don't understanbd of this but I have download 4.80 but the spell checker does not accept new words: I can't add to the disctionary.
Some months ago I get a message from Mr Harris saying Pegasus was aware of the fault and was 'fixing it'.
Has it been fixed? How do I get the repair?


Greetings All,

Be advised that a revised 4.81 Public Beta should be released in the next few days It should fix the issue of the disappearing POP3 and SMTP definitions experienced in installations with different Home and New mailbox directories.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who moved their definitions files (.PND & .PM3) from their Home mailbox directory to their New mailbox directory will need to move them back. Post for assistance if needed.


Dear Helpers
Since a while - already before I installed the newest version of IERenderer ( I have this strange happening, when I want to use the preview pane (for the first time in a Pegasus session):

  • when touching the scroll bar
  • when touching the text

The message text always is the same.

Any ideas for t he reason - or even remedy?

recent by kdaube  ·  Feb 10 '23 at 8:07 am

David Harris has just released a Pegasus Mail for Windows public beta 4.81

The public beta, which corrects the problems with the dictionary and introduces ouath2
verification for GMAIL (only) is available from:

More information on :


Han van den Bogaerde -
Member of Pegasus Mail Support Group.
My own Pegasus Mail related web information:


recent by Michael  ·  Feb 9 '23 at 7:03 pm

Hi - not immediately, but several days after upgrading to 4.81 every time I close Pegasus, and restart, the POP3 and SMTP profiles I use disappear from the opening window in Tools, Internet Settings. If I then click on Add, I can recover them but it means doing this every time I start up.

End of year rush, I forget really the sequence of things as I also updated the IE renderer, I think some days later. It is possible it started then (though it does not seem logical really. I updated to the beta fairly soon after it was released and things seemed ok. I only noticed this a few days ago when I got SMTP errors.

Anyone else experiencing this? I will if needed roll back to 4.80 but just trying to understand and see where the problem lies first. Thx

recent by Michael  ·  Feb 5 '23 at 1:13 am
0MrSkeezix143 posted Jan 30 '23 at 6:39 pm

I just want to take the time to thank all for your help in solving my recent problems. It is most appreciative and so glad there are folks out there willing to help dunnies like me. It is certainly true that you learn something new every day. thank you once again!


Hi All. I have many emails that take quite some time to open, usually 1 minute, compared to the rest, which are almost instantaneous. Once the email is open, the body consists of continuous lines of Asian characters and other symbols. No part of it is in English.

Whilst it is rendering these emails, there are no other menu buttons or such displayed int hat window. They only appear once the body is rendered.

It appears to be an issue with the last couple of IE renderer updates.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

recent by msetzerii  ·  Jan 29 '23 at 9:50 pm

After a period that Pegasus Mail was unable to send via SMTP, our support staff sent me the following message:

I noticed you use the authentication as below from you log:

13:44:10.028: >> 250-AUTH GSSAPI NTLM LOGIN

We don’t use this authentication method.

Could you use the authentication as below?

GSSAPI NTLM to Normal Password

I searched NTLM here in the PMAIL Community and found nothing that helped me. What is our org's Support Staff talking about? How can I make this change?

Thank you in advance,

recent by msetzerii  ·  Jan 28 '23 at 5:07 pm
kdaube posted Jan 23 '23 at 2:23 pm

Since a while sent messages are no more copied to the self folder (in my case mailfolder !_Sent).

  • It is defined in Tools > Options > Outgoing mail > Copies to self
  • Checked: "Ask at send time whether or not to make a copy to self"
  • Checked: Tools > Options > Outgoing mail > Messaages and replies > Copy to self ON

WinPMail Version 4.80.1028, Jan 16 2022, build ID 1028
on Windows 10.0.19044.2486

Have I missed something - or accidentally deleted?

0MrSkeezix143 posted Jan 23 '23 at 7:18 pm

While I await my other problem on trying to see if i can recover messages that disappeared from my new mail folder, i ran across another I forgot to ask about.

In receiving mail I sometimes get messags w/attachments that say type unknown and believe I need to go to a location to add word or excel etc. in order to receive What/where is the procedure I need to go to add these type of documents in able to view

Thanks again
Always appreciate your help and glad you folks are there to help

Danny McGill

philherz posted Jan 22 '23 at 11:27 pm

Using v4.80.1028 on Windows 10.

Created a new user today (Call it: NEW) based on some of the settings of OLD.

For a while, both could be opened at the same time and worked fine but, then every time I used the shortcut to open OLD, NEW opened up, so I rebooted.

I still can't open OLD. When I click the shortcut, nothing happens. I see in Windows Explorer that files are still there, but is there a way to actually get them to open on my computer?

Is my only option to save the files and then substitute a backed up copy that I have from Pmail>Mail>OLD?



Somehow the new mail folder with messages still in them was accidently there a way to recover the folder/messages that were still in there? The folder seems to be starting over i usually keep all the messages for any response still in there until I do find it necessary to move to a particular folder if i wish to save


I wore out a Microsoft mouse and bought another Microsoft Comfort corded mouse. It works fine for everything a mouse should do, except scrolling withn a Pegasus folder. Scrolling works fine within an email, and scrolling works in other programs and apps. And the old mouse, which is still sort-of OK, scrolls just fine in PM folders. What the heck? cheers, Bruce

Riverside posted Jan 17 '23 at 9:47 pm

My university is switch email to the MS Cloud. I received this notice (among many others):

"The [university] stopped supporting less secure email authentication protocols. This change impacts username and password authentication for IMAP and POP3 Office365 email functionality.

Basic Authentication is an outdated authentication standard that allows and poses serious security risks to the [University] community and their privacy. Any apps connecting to [University] email that do not use a technology called Modern Authentication will no longer be able to connect. Email apps compatible with Modern Authentication are listed below. "

all the listed apps are, of course, versions of outlook/office, but the notice implies that there is a method of continuing. Is "modern authentication" something that I can implement in Pegasus?

recent by Riverside  ·  Jan 18 '23 at 7:40 pm

I don't think Pegasus is responsible, but my mail provider refuses to go any further until I have discussed it with you. We have used Pegasus for many years, without problems. We are currently running Pegasus 4.80, on Win-10, and using a mail server from our local internet provider, In brief, Eastlink revised their security protocols, requiring us to update our password. The revised p/w works on Eastlink's webmail, but when we entered it into Pegasus, using the Pegasus Setup Wizard, followed by an attempted login to Eastlink, the trace shows things going smoothly up to the request, (from the mail server), for the p/w, at which point their server throws an error message: ERR AUTH, Authentication Failed. (Pegasus displays a message that either username or password are incorrect.)

Seems to me that it is not Pegasus which is complaining, but Eastlink, who are rejecting the transmission from Pegasus. Eastlink says it has nothing to do with them, but must have something to do with the transmission from Pegasus itself. (I don't have a very good feeling about this being easily resolved...) (And, underlying it is a distinct hostility on the part of Eastlink to our use of POP-3 in the first place.)


Hello, again. After getting past the problem of "Pegasus dies after saying 'Preparing folder management layer'", by doing a Dropbox rewind of the entire Mail directory, I've done the necessary reconfigurations (don't know what the rewound system thought I was a new user) and am almost back up and running, sending and receiving, and my old data are all there. But there's one problem I haven't been able to solve: the proper handling of the received .CNM message files.

Currently they are landing in the same directory as the folder .PMI and .PMM files, and the STATE.PMJ, PMAIL.INI, and PND files, for example -- but they stay there and are not automatically deleted when the message is moved to the New mail folder or, by a filter rule, to some another folder. They just sit there and accumulate.

What's worse, if I delete a .CNM file, its message (now located in New mail, say) is no longer readable!

I've messed up something by making some change since all was working well, but can't figure out what. A little background: A few months ago, I used the proper Pegasus tool (I believe) to move my mail folder from what I'll call the OLD directory to a NEW directory within the Dropbox folder, so that it would be backed up by Dropbox. Everything worked. But later I discovered that the OLD directory (specifically its "craig" subfolder for user craig) was still in use as well -- for .CNM files. The PMAIL.INI was located there, too.

So the standard "move" procedure either didn't work right, or (more likely!) I messed it up somehow.

So now, in recovering from my crash by means of a restore, I thought I'd "fix" (dangerous thought!) this odd combination of OLD and NEW directories. (Maybe it's also significant that the old installation was multi-user and the restored one is declaring itself to be single-user -- which is fine now.) I ran pconfig32 to move both Home and New mail directories from OLD/~8 (i.e., OLD/craig) to NEW. Seemed to work OK, except for this problem of not deleting the .CNMs and not letting them be deleted safely.

So I'd like to better understand how the CNM files work, both intrinsically and with respect to the Home and New mail directories, so I can fix everything.

Sorry to be bothering you again, but I certainly do appreciate your help!


recent by craigc  ·  Jan 13 '23 at 5:29 pm

I'm currently unable to start my beloved Pegasus. A few days ago, it crashed, warning me about a problematic folder. I replaced it with a backup copy, to no avail: The banner now immediately shows "Preparing folder management layer" for a second and then disappears. It has created a lock file, but hasn't changed anything else in the New mail (= Home) directory.

Any idea what the problem might be? I'm running 4.80, which was installed in multi-user mode, I believe (there's a PMAIL.USR file).

I'd appreciate any suggestions! I feel helpless without my flying horse!


recent by craigc  ·  Jan 11 '23 at 9:12 pm
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