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PaulW posted Aug 22 '07 at 12:22 pm

[quote]Mercury will presumably blacklist the IP of the local proxy, causing itself to not receive any mail anymore for the time of the short-term blacklisting (30 minutes AFAIK).[/quote]

Good point.  I'll watch out for that.

Of course, I would rather have the patch out now than wait for all the bells and whistles.

Edmachine posted Aug 20 '07 at 9:23 am

Yeah, might be my avast doing that. It does pop up when I launch IE and shows Script blocker... but the software is good :).


10 minutes later: Thanks :)! I disabled scan outgoing mail, and now I can send mail :). Thank you :)!


20 minutes later: I can send, but I can't telnet into port 25 :D lol, I sent a test mail successfully, but I can't telnet... Could not open connection to the host, on port 25...


But thanks anyways, I have gotten it working now :)! 

Rolf Lindby posted Aug 14 '07 at 6:33 pm

From what I understand the client issued a FETCH FLAGS command to get a listing of all messages in the Inbox, and this is part of the reply. There appears to be no request to download message headers or body in this log extract, though.

Do you get the same result with another email client than Outlook Express?


Addis posted Aug 14 '07 at 3:48 pm

Found the problem...

 I'd ran out of disk space!!!

It still leaves my query about unread messages but, as it is un-related to this topic I'll open a new thread.


chriscw posted Oct 2 '07 at 12:49 pm

Yes the decision is that we do want to use our company logo in our signature.   We can do it in the client but if we did it in the server it would be easier to enforce.

anne posted Jan 12 '08 at 8:25 pm


I did a few suggestions, i did enter my IP inside the range as an ipadres allowing to send through this mailserver.

I for some reason put a slash between the name and the password, i corrected that (don't know why i did that) and from this point on i put the options on

I did turned the settings in connection control on from top to bottom....

If i turn the last one (Only authenticated...) then the top two option grey out, doing so resulted in this reaction from the Mercury server...

Connection from, Sat Jan 12 20:10:55 2008
553 We do not relay without RFC2554 authentication.
1 sec. elapsed, connection closed Sat Jan 12 20:10:56 2008

Connection from, Sat Jan 12 20:11:15 2008
554 Invalid HELO format
1 sec. elapsed, connection closed Sat Jan 12 20:11:16 2008

I turned the bottom option off, and from that point everything seems to work fine....

I hope it stays this way, Gentelmen, thanks for your advise and patience... a lot of patience i guess...


David Meyer posted Aug 10 '07 at 11:39 am

The problem with external access to the server was due to GrayWall settings.


The dns problem possibly had 2 parts. 1. Slow response time for the recipients reverse dns look up. 2. The 20 second timeout as the default setting in Mercury.  Since increasing a number of the timeouts in Mercury modules I have not had any more email problems.
MercUser posted May 12 '08 at 1:54 pm

I also have problems with this.

I found another post
but noboby helped

That's one reason I should never use Mercury in my own organization. Nobody is able to reply to a simple question and help files are useless.

anyone please? Why the option "disable header stripping" is not working? Is there a way?

When someone sends an email to and to: and Why Mercury strips john@ and mike@ and makes impossible the recipient reply to all. is there a way?

Anyone please? Mercury developer?? anybody home??

PiS posted Aug 7 '07 at 12:32 am

All over the news here today is the new US wiretap law. Quite a few internet spokesmen here in Sweden see this as a coming police state. More english backround here:

Now on to my question: Is it possible to incorporate personal and individual encryption onto Mercury? Meaning that users can collaborate their own encryption methods at the maildrop level instead of at the client?

toaster posted Aug 14 '07 at 11:26 am

Agreed, I have seen the same issues with some mail servers that treat 45x responses as a failure and NEVER retry.

Also, I did a bit of research when I tried out GrayWall and found that some of the spambots, spam relays and proxies have now been updated to retry when they see a 45x error. This means that the spammers and malware authors are starting to adapt once more.

If you want to see my blog posting about my initial results using GrayWall it can be found here:

At the moment I have disabled GrayWall. I may give it another go later this year to see if the bad guys and girls have adapted their creations any further.

Hope this is of interest?



Thomas R. Stephenson posted Aug 18 '07 at 6:04 pm

[quote user="PaulW"]

Another configuration that has been used with success when you do not have the backup servers under your control, is to have the highest MX the same as the primary MX.  Malware will be stopped as usual by the primary, while the real backup servers will be relaying mainly good mail.


I've just tried this with my domain and it seems to be pretty effective.  I usually have about 150-200 spams in the spam account each morning and the last two days this has been reduced to about 80.  I color the spam that comes in via the MX host and that is much reduced.  On the negative side, more and more spammers are retrying and so get through the Graywall. ;-(


[quote user="gregrshaw"]

Well with my Mercury/32 setup I can send via a UDG using the ~r and the mail gets queued with the "Reply TO:" address setting so the From address is changes for each identity. 

- Could you elaborate more on the UDG and how it works?



When running Pegasus Mail without Netware support a User Defined Gateway is used to tell Pegasus Mail where to put the 101 files for Mercury/32 to process.  It's managed with pconfig.exe and looks like the following:


             Gateway name :  MERCURY
           *New mail path :
   Is ? a program to run? :  N
    *New mail search mask :
      *Outgoing mail path :  \\thomas\maxtor\MERCURY\QUEUE
   *Run for outgoing mail :
         *Filename format :  ~d~d.101
  Run to validate address :
    *Reply address format : ["~p" <~r>                   ]
  Accepts SMTP addresses? :  Y
  Simple message headers? :  'Glue' headers
    UUEncode attachments? :  Y
          Burst messages? :  N    Gateway processes BCC? : N
      Strip gateway name? :  Y
  Force all mail through? :  Y

I use the specified "Reply address format" so everyone can set the From: address they want to use for an identity but changing the "Reply To:" address for each identity.  I can't remember how they work when there is both the Netware queue spec and the UDG.  One will take precedence.


mir.oslav posted Jan 22 '10 at 3:23 pm

Thank You for reply

 I have made some tests and I found only this:

If the home directory is on OES ext3 volume, the CNM file is written like Y05856?CNM

If the directory is on OES NSS volume, no new file is created.

 There is something wrong in writing files.

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