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Phil posted Jan 20 '08 at 7:06 pm

[quote user="irelam"]

Just on this last point. Why would anyone want to read/capture a file that was in read/write mode by some other process? This indicates that the file has a strong possibility of being updated. The Read-only version (yes Word/Excel are guilty) is then only an approximation to the current version of a file.  This kind of thing is most common in my work when two or more people on a network are sharing and updating data.



 You're right Martin but sometimes users need to do some things we didn't think they could have to do. For example, it happens to me quite often to be happy to have the feature "open a file in read-only mode because it's already opened by word or excel" (I made a lot of changes and suddently realize that I want to keep a copy of the original).

A good solution could be to warn the user that the file is in use and ask him/her to confirm he wants to attach the current version to his/her mail.



rgl posted Jul 23 '07 at 6:00 am


> This strange behavior is occurring on a brand new IBM Thinkpad with really nothing unusual added.

There's indeed a strange glitch according to Pegasus MDI when used with IBM Trackpoints:

Thinkpad Trackpoints can (and are by default) be configured to use for scrolling through the page.
To scroll that way one has to press the middle "UltraNav"-Key and simultaneously press the trackpoint into any direction.
Other than "normal" Windows behaviour this scrolling always triggers on the window beneath the current trackpoint position, even it's not the active window. Furthermore the Trackpoint pressure will be recalculated to control both the horizontal and the vertical scrollbar at the same time which means that one may scroll diagonally, too.

So far for the technical background, what I wanted to say is that it's not a "normal" scrolling technique which therefore cannot be compared with "normal" scrollwheel-mice.

The glitch now seems (only) to happen when this scrolling is invoked inside the window of PMail MDI on an empty window position where no child window is placed. Then the main area will be resized, the child windows will "scroll away" and scrollbars will appear even if they were not available before. It looks like that instead of any MDI child window (because at the scroll position there's none) the whole main area with all the other child windows will be scrolled (away).

Since I use Pegasus in full screen mode and have arranged a couple of used windows (mail folders) to fill all available space that Trackpoint-Phenomenon does not happen anymore, at least not unintentionally.


Finally, if it ever happens that folder windows became out of sight in PMail, there are two ways to repair:

1. The hard way: Kill the application task hard using the "Tasks" tab in the Task Manager to

prevent it from saving its configuration files with the

"wrongly-scrolled" window coordinates. Keep in mind that all other

configuration changes done in this session might be lost, too.

2. The soft way: If the wrong coordinates are already saved by any reason, you must select each open folder window in PMail itself under menu item "Windows" and first close it by pressing ESC before reopening later after all windows have been closed. After closing the last out-of-sight-window the (unusable) scrollbar will go away automatically.
To "repair" the global folder window you can also directly edit the file pmail.ini - Close PMail before! - and adapt the coordinates stored in "[Pegasus Mail for Windows] / Folder manager window rectangle" to some small values (left upper corner). But always save a backup of at least this file or at best the whole mailbox directory before editing this file, since mistakes in that file might make things worse. Anyway I do not recommend to manipulate this file manually if you can not oversee the consequences...

Bill Schneider posted May 9 '07 at 3:25 pm

Something similiar happens to us from time to time. Pegasus looses its internet settings. You have to write your e-mail adress again and add back pop and smtp definitions. At our site this happens roughly 1 time per year and per pc. All are running pegasus 4.4.1 in german with f-prot as antivirus scanner. By the way as this happened to me in some cases I googled this problem and did find some others but never  found a solution.

I do not think that it is a right problem here. Users have appropriate rights. If a needed file was locked by f-prot, would pegasus not notice it as it does with open files you try to attach?

This may be just a wild guess!
This all has to do with pmail.ini.
Pegasus seems to read internet settings from it and stores them into memory at start.  When it is closed these settings are written back. Could it be that the memory locations of these informations get deleted by some other nasty program. So when it comes to writing back there is nothing to write back.

As a kludge I decided today to give my users a script to copy back an faultless pmail.ini over the corrupted one.

What do you think of this?

As this is the first time I post to this forum I would like to thank David Harris for his work.
I am glad to see that the work goes on and wish David and the team a lot of success.


aderoy posted May 25 '07 at 5:00 pm

Another me to, excellent program and support. Only been using since 1999 so not 10 years yet.

The program has a small footprint (<16 MB even with 72K messages), which is helpful even with the large RAM found nowadays.

Tom Stein posted Nov 27 '07 at 11:10 am

On the f-prot forum under the thread of:
Pegasus Mail and F-Prot - problem when virus found,773.0.html

I wrote (2007-11-22, 06:12:27):

"Blackcat and other Frisk developers, I am still wondering, assuming that emails are most likely the main entry point for viruses (?) do AV software developers have an exchange policy with email developers to find the best way to handle certain issues such as the one mentioned above in this thread. A few lines would be great."

Reply of one of the developers today (2007-11-27, 08:35:37)

"Sorry for the late reply. Nope, I am not aware of such an exchange, yet."



aderoy posted May 9 '07 at 6:17 pm

Export the mailbax from Netscape, must have a .mbx (lowercase).
Copy the exported mailbox to the Pegasus maildir, must be done one at a time
Open Pegasus, the folders will be added to the folder list.
Create a new folder, using Pegasus 2.x format
Select all emails from the Thunderbird folder and move to the newly created Pegasus folder.

Must be repeated as required for the balance of the mail folders. I was able to move just under 100 .mbx files this way.

Note: Pegasus will only see the new files (mailbox.mbx) on startup.

irelam posted Aug 17 '09 at 2:49 am

There is an updated version of SendDoc (1.4) which uses Pegasus Mail as a mailer for OpenOffice, available at downloads area location:


Michael posted Jul 3 '10 at 5:19 pm

[quote user="Tbilisi"]... You seem to imply that there is a solution under Vista, and presumably under 7 as well.  I'd deeply appreciate it if you could elaborate on that solution.[/quote]

That's not what I understand: He says there would be a fix if he was using .NET instead of the current C programming language, so there is no easy solution, yet.


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CobraA1 posted Oct 29 '08 at 5:05 pm

Perhaps you can use to obtain more detailed information about where exactly it's having problems? Right clicking on winpm-32.exe in Process Explorer and opening properties should give you a tabbed window with a lot of information. The "Threads" tab may be able to isolate a particular thread that is hogging the CPU - I generally see about five threads that are related to Pegasus Mail.

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